What can DTF Printing be Used on?

The process of transferring an image to fabric is known as DTF printing (direct to film printing). It is related to DTG printing, often known as direct to garment printing, but it is a slightly different method that uses a different type of printer. DTF technology is used to create printed garments of different types, including shirts, hats, and pants.

DTF printing can transfer any type of image to fabric, including artwork, images, logos, designs, and more, and is not confined to clothes.

Applications of DTF Printing

  • T-shirts. T-shirts are one of the most common goods produced by DTF printing. T-shirts are always in high demand and can be manufactured for a range of purposes ranging from schools to sports to other groups.
  • Hoodies and shirts with pockets Printing on a T-shirt is simple, but when you want the design to appear on the pocket of a t-shirt or the front pocket of a hoodie sweatshirt, DTF printing can assist you.
  • Hats. Hats come in a variety of forms, including trucker and baseball caps, and can be challenging to print on without harming. On hats with complex shapes, DTF printing enables the printing of logos and graphics.
  • Written tags. DTF printing is one method for achieving the printed tags on the inside of clothing articles that many apparel firms like.
  • Shorts/pants. Logos and graphics can be printed on shorts or pants using DTF printing, which is similar to printing on T-shirts and other clothing.
  • Bags. DTF can print on a variety of bags, including drawstring bags, tote bags, fanny packs, and handbags.
  • Flags/Banners. DTF printing is not only applicable to textiles that may be worn. For events and fairs, tablecloths, flags, and banners can all be printed on.
  • Koozies. Koozies, which are used to keep canned and bottled beverages cool, are another non-clothing item that is very popular for printing.
  • Any other textile products. There are no restrictions on the kinds of clothes and apparel that DTF printing can produce.

Best DTF Printers

The DTF Printer offered by Textek is the best dtf printer for the job if you need to make printed clothing. This printer will produce results that seem professional when used in conjunction with other printing supplies like ink, film, and powder. There are numerous uses for DTF printing, whether you’re starting out in the field of fashion design or running a company that makes personalized clothing.

Benefits of DTF Printing

  • There was no pretreatment. One of the most significant advantages of DTF printing over DTG printing is that the material does not need to be pretreatment, which saves you time and money. It also enables you to print on a broader range of materials.
  • Convert Your Desktop Printer to DTF. Another significant advantage of DTF printing is that, with a few adjustments, your desktop computer can operate this program. If you need to manufacture goods in bulk, however, it may be worthwhile to invest in a DTF printer optimized for bigger volume and larger output.
  • There is less ink required. When compared to DTG printing, DTF printing utilizes less color and white ink, which saves you money.

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