How to Choose Ink for DTF Printer

There are many DTF printers on the market, and ink is of course an indispensable consumable. Do you know how to choose the right ink for dtf shirt printers? Here’s a look at it.

  • The acidity or alkalinity of the printer ink, such as the metal parts of the printer in contact with the ink some will be corroded off, we recommend that you use a neutral pH printer ink.
  • Observe the fluidity of the ink is good or bad, buy some trial ink in the air, a month to observe that it has no serious particle problems, you can identify its fluidity.
  • The ink surface tension problem is also a factor, the better the liquidity of the ink, the less tension the ink, the finer the lines of the printed graphics.
  • The preservation of ink must be strictly controlled indoor temperature, humidity, indoor temperature shall not be less than 18 ℃, for the southern users after the temperature increases, but also to control the indoor humidity. Too much humidity will cause the screen is not easy to dry, the material is susceptible to moisture, affecting the printing effect and the post-processing of the screen.

What are the Advantages of a Good DTF ink

Not blocking the printhead: at room temperature room temperature, stopping 24 hours without drying, not easy to block the printhead, improve the efficiency of the printer.

Use less: DTF ink compared with ordinary ink, you can play more 10-20% of the area, the amount of more economical, more cost-saving.

High color reproduction: DTF ink can print more colors, hot stamping full color, restore more realistic color of the original picture, to achieve photo-level printing effect.

Clear edge: DTF ink can print clear pattern edge, is shaking powder more clean not fall powder, not easy to produce glue edge.

High coverage does not sublimation: DTF ink has good coverage, shaking powder baking does not sublimate, high-temperature embossing does not change color, presenting high purity color.

Soft touch: DTF ink using imported raw materials, print out more vivid and soft patterns, water-resistant performance is higher.

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