How do You Sublimate a Hat?

Hats are no longer used only in summer, they are now a trend all year round. For sport or fashion, they are an ideal accessory to customize with sports themes, soccer pictures, club logos, school logos and even characters from movies and series.
The possibilities are endless, and hats are among the favorites when it comes to customization. We show you a step by step to sublimate a cap.


Use good quality papers that absorb and transfer a good amount of ink.
The photo or design to be printed should also be of good quality. The most common image formats such as gif, jpg, png or bmp are made up of small dots (pixels). The higher the number of dots, the higher the sharpness and quality of the image. It is recommended to select images with the highest possible resolution (number of pixels or dots per inch) as this will significantly influence the final result of the transfer.
To avoid paper marks on the surface of the cap, it is recommended to tear the edges by hand. This softens the edges.

Step by step:

With the press on cold, regulate the pressure. Set to medium pressure and set the press at 180° and 90 seconds time.
The suggested times and temperatures are a starting point. These values may vary depending on factors such as the heat press (quality and condition of the press), pressure, paper and ink used, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity at the time of the job. For this reason, each customer should test and adapt these values to optimize the results.
Print the design in mirror mode.
Iron for 5 seconds to remove wrinkles and possible humidity.
Place the printed paper on the garment and cover with the Teflon sheet.
After the time has elapsed, immediately remove the paper to prevent the heat from further activating the sublimation. (this can create ghosting effects in the images).

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