What is Sublimation?

A PERSONALIZED GIFT is a token of affection and dedication, it is a UNIQUE gift that no one else will have and that shows how SPECIAL that person is for you.
Who doesn’t like to receive a mug with a picture of their loved ones, or with a special phrase to motivate and encourage us, or simply with designs with our favorite characters or movies?
For this reason, personalized gifts is a business that has been growing strongly in recent years.

Sublimation is one of the easiest and cheapest techniques to customize a great variety of objects such as mugs, ceramics, cushions, key chains, etc.
At BR we offer solutions and advice to entrepreneurs in the area of personalization, with start-up kits, machinery and supplies to start your own business in this area. (See Starter Kits)

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a digital printing process, which allows to transfer images and photos on objects such as mugs, cups, cups, ceramics, cushions, hats, t-shirts, key chains and much more.
If you want to see the wide variety of sublimation products available, go to Sublimation Supplies.

The process is very simple, the image is printed on paper and special ink for sublimation and then this ink is transferred to the fabric or item by heat and pressure (with a heat press).

Sublimation has great advantages over other techniques:

  • It has no color limits, you can print as many colors as you want.
  • It is a relatively simple and easy to learn technique
  • It allows you to create unique personalized objects of great emotional value.
  • It does not require a large initial investment, you need a sublimation printer and a heat press.
  • It can be done in small spaces, so it is ideal for those who are looking for a complementary business of their own, which they can install in their own home.

The only thing to keep in mind is:

  • You can’t just sublimate any item, these must be prepared with a special sublimation polymer that allows the ink to set on the surface.
  • Images must be applied on light-colored backgrounds, preferably white.

What do I need to start a sublimation business?

  • You need a computer, preferably with a graphic design program installed that allows you to edit photographs.
  • A special printer for sublimation.
  • Sublimation paper: It is responsible for transporting the ink, so that by the effect of heat is transferred to the object. It is of vital importance that the sublimation paper is of high quality to achieve the maximum transfer and definition of the image.
  • A heat press, which is selected according to the items to be customized. There are flat presses that allow you to sublimate flat objects, such as garments, T-shirts, key rings, photo panels, tiles, foils, etc. There are also specific presses for mugs, caps, etc. The 5 in 1 combo press models allow to sublimate most of the items available in the market, since it has flat resistance for flat objects such as T-shirts and key rings, cylindrical resistance for cups and candy cups, resistance for plates and resistance for hats. To know the available press models, go to BR Thermal Presses or contact us so we can advise you on the most suitable model for your needs.
  • Supplies for sublimation These special targets for sublimation have a special varnish that allows the sublimation to be fixed on the substrate. Nowadays, there is a wide range of sublimation blanks ready to be customized.

How is sublimation done?

  1. First, the image to be printed is selected. It can be an image taken with a camera, a cell phone, an image from the Internet or your own graphics created in design programs. It is important to use good quality images to achieve good results.
  2. The image is printed on a special sublimation printer with special sublimation inks and paper. Sublimation printers are specific for this task. Ordinary printers are not suitable. The image must be printed mirrored.
  3. Place the printed side of the paper on the surface of the object to be customized. It is convenient to hold the paper with special thermal tape to avoid displacements at the time of sublimation and defects such as fading.
  4. Place the sublimatable item with the printed paper in the heat press configured with the required temperature, pressure and time. Each item has a specific time and temperature for sublimation. These reference times can be found inside each item on our website. Close the press and wait for the configured time to elapse so that by the effect of the heat and pressure, the ink from the paper is transferred to the product.
  5. When the specified time has elapsed, remove the article from the press and remove the paper taking care not to burn yourself. It is recommended to use thermal gloves for this task.

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