What is UV DTF Printing Technology?

A novel printing technique known as ultraviolet (UV) DTF Printing employs ultraviolet curing technology to produce designs on films. Then, using fingers to press down and then peel off the film, the designs can be applied to hard, irregularly shaped items.

A highly versatile printing method, UV DTF printing can be used to print or edit menus for restaurant menus, print logos on household appliances, and much more. Additionally, UV printing allows you to add any logo you like on products. Due to their durability and resistance to wear over time and scratching, it is also appropriate for outdoor objects.

How does UV printing works?

A specific printer called a UV flatbed printer is required for UV DTF printing. When printing graphics on “A” film, an LED cold light source lamp emits UV light that the inks are instantly exposed to. When exposed to UV light, the inks’ photosensitive curing agent quickly dries.

Next, laminate the “A” and “B” films together using a laminating machine. The design has “A” film on the back and “B” film on the front. After that, cut the design’s outline with scissors. Remove the “A” film from the design and adhere it firmly to the object to be decorated. Peel off the “B” after a few seconds have passed. Finally, the design is successfully applied to the object. Bright and distinct colors are used in the design, which is durable and does not scratch off or fade away easily after being transferred.

UV DTF printing is adaptable since it may be done on a variety of media, including metal, leather, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. It can be be applied to curved and uneven surfaces. When the object is submerged, designs can also be transferred.

This printing process is safe for the environment. Since UV curing ink is not based on solvents, there won’t be any harmful compounds that evaporating into the air.

Advantages of UV DTF printing

  • As soon as the design is removed from the press, it begins to dry. You can just push with your fingers without a heat transfer device.
  • The smooth surface of glasses and other hard substrates make them ideal for UV DTF printing.
  • In use, UV DTF stickers are resistant to fading and scratching.
  • The printing is more vibrant and clear. The ink does not have time to spread or permeate into the substrate because it dries so quickly. This keeps the printing sharp and distinct.
  • It is more environmentally friendly to use UV printing. Since UV curing ink is not dependent on solvents, there won’t be any hazardous materials evaporating into the air.
  • A highly adaptable printing technique, UV DTF printing can be used to print trademarks on household electrical items, menus for restaurant tableware, and other things. It’s quite convenient for the supply to save money and shipping fees to not have to move all the heavy things in order to stamp the trademarks with this equipment. UV printing is unquestionably a viable option if you’re making anything that will be utilized outside.

TEXTEK is a professional manufacturer of dtf printers and dtf supplies. Custom designs can be printed on t-shirts, hats, socks, and many other items with a DTF printer. You can allow your consumers to have their preferred piece of clothing printed with bespoke designs thanks to the growing industry of DTF printing.

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