Why DTF Printers are Important

Are you in the printing industry and have you recently heard about Direct to Film printers? Yes, digital printing is still a useful and common printing technique, but DTF is unquestionably dominating the market.

Direct to Film printers and their PET films have been at war with traditional printing methods since 2020. Let’s find out why DTF is causing such a stir in the printing industry since many people think that DTF printers will be the norm in the future.

DTF Printers are Already Here

DTF Printer For Sale

DTF printers are not only a theory or a soon-to-be-released technology. The most effective and high-quality Printer DTF are currently being offered by some producers.

Only simple motifs and forms can be produced on prints using other conventional techniques, such as screen printing. Additionally, traditional methods require a lot of setup time and resources, which raises the entire cost of production.

Only a small number of colors can be supported by outdated approaches like DTG. The cost of printing will increase if you utilize more colors. So, before you start seeing any earnings in your bank account, you will need to invest a large sum to bring the product onto the market.

For big print runs, DTG printing, for instance, will demand a considerable financial commitment. Due to the fact that you will be responsible for all damage and waste charges, it is a high-risk process. Additionally, the DTF printing process is one of the typical printing techniques that prints documents at a snail’s pace, delaying the processing of large orders.

Why DTF Printers Take the Lead?

A white ink circulation is included with both DTF and DTG variations. However, white ink circulation is used by DTF printers with such accuracy that you won’t have to worry about distortion or unintentional white lines.

The majority of DTF printers use an ink-tube circulation technology for their thick white ink. However, the majority of DTF Printers with PET films provide the most vivid and excellent print designs and images due to the white ink circulation mechanism.

For instance, the DTF white ink cycle starts with the ink bottle of the printer and ends with the ink tube. From there, the pump pushes it onto the cloth to ink the bag. This entire motion is dynamic enough to successfully stop any color precipitation.

Profitability of DTF Printers over DTG

While a DTF printer is clearly better than a DTG printer in many ways, here’s a quick reminder of why the former is worth the investment.

  • You won’t need any weeding or cutting
  • They are much more affordable than buying high-end DTG printers or other digital presses.
  • DTF printers produce well-defined images and edges in one go
  • If you’re a small printing business, DTF printers are great for handling small orders.
  • No need to prepare surfaces to reduce your production costs, which translates into improved margins.
  • Reduce wastage cost
  • The system is easy to install and user-friendly. So you don’t need to hire any experts. Your existing workforce can easily learn to operate the upcoming DTF machines.

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