Types of T-shirts Printing Methods

What types of textile printing are there? The most popular processes are screen printing, embroidery, transfer and textile vinyl. They all have different uses, depending on the number of T-shirts to be printed and the model to be chosen. Find out the importance of each one and which one is best suited to your organisation.

Types of t-shirt printing

Screen printing?

It is one of the most commonly used printing techniques on fabric to print T-shirts. The mechanism consists of a system of plates with each existing colour in the original design to be printed.

These meshes or plates will have an image with ink that will be the one that will be printed on our T-shirt. The mould with the image can be used an infinite number of times without affecting the original design. We use this system to print large orders of T-shirts because it reduces costs.

Benefits of screen printing
  • Excellent quality and durability. The print lasts over time.
  • It prints designs in many colours.
  • It is a fast method if you are looking for speed and quality for printing large quantities.
  • It is economical. As you print more t-shirts, our prices go down.

Embroidery printing

It is a printing technique on fabric that will give an exclusive and professional tone to your T-shirts. It is ideal for companies or groups that want to give a more distinguished profile.

Embroidery is a procedure that starts with a cut-out of the logo design. This system allows the emblem to be transferred from paper to digital, which will then be read by an embroidery machine. This machine will stitch the image onto the T-shirt in an infinite number of threads.

In the use of embroidery, we recommend not very complex images to avoid the loss of detail. It is a printing method that culminates in a delicate finish.

What types of t-shirts use embroidery printing?

Cotton is the type of fabric that allows the best embroidery to be printed on. T-shirts, polo shirts and caps are the most popular garments for this type of printing. In our stock we have quality T-shirts in 100% organic cotton. The Keya model in its different colours will allow you to give a casual tone to your T-shirts.

Benefits of printing with embroidery?
  • It is a highly resistant type of printing. Our embroidery printing technique uses high quality threads. The art of embroidery is a timeless print, which does not wear out.
  • It gives prestige to your brand. Large companies use this print because it is associated with prestige and recognition.
  • Embroidery is not suitable for delicate fabrics such as polyester.

Dye sublimation printing

This technique allows you to print on polyester fabric. T-shirts made of this material are ideal for sports as they are breathable. Sublimation printing on this garment will not fade and will remain for a long time.

Sublimation is one of the best printing techniques that consists of capturing, through steam, any design with photographic quality.

T-shirt transfer printing?

Digital t-shirt printing consists of printing directly onto the fabric through heat. If your intention is to print highly detailed designs on a small number of T-shirts, use transfer printing. It reproduces complex images that embroidery, for example, cannot achieve. Its printing quality is similar to screen printing, but unlike screen printing, it works for small print runs.

Benefits of T-shirt transfer printing
  • Prints designs with photographic quality.
  • It is ideal for small quantities. If you are looking to print T-shirts for your family or a small number of people, this is the method of choice.
  • It prints complex and detailed designs, such as photographs.
  • The process is much cleaner than screen printing.

All technical T-shirts in our catalogue can be printed using this method. Whatever colour you choose, digital printing adapts.

Textile vinyl printing

Vinyl is a printing technology that brings brightness and durability to colours. This type of textile printing is the fastest. It consists of an adhesive design engraved on your T-shirt. If you are pressed for time with your event and you need to print a small batch of T-shirts, this is your solution.

This textile printing system is the one that best suits your technical t-shirts. We give you quality and low cost, when you use our vinyl service.

Benefits of printing on textile vinyl

you can print with the textile vinyl process on polyester, cotton and a mixture of both. Allows you to print in small quantities. Prints complex designs. Does not limit your creativity.

Lasts for many washes. Ideal for sportswear. Also, long sleeve, tank tops and crew neck t-shirts. If you are preparing a farewell party, birthday or graduation, print in short runs, but with maximum quality.

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