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Textek DTF Printer Factory,A3 DTF Printer, DTF T Shirt Printer
Textek printer factory independent research and development of production A3 DTF printer, 60cm DTF printer, DTF ink, pet film, powder, etc.

Focus DTF Textile Printer
DTF Printer widely used any fabric, T shirt, Hoddies, Hats, Sports dress, Leather Bag, Shoes, Canvas, Mask, Socks, Glove, Acraf, Underwear, Swimsuits, …

A3 DTF Printer – Best Desktop Direct Transfer Pet Film (5 Advantages)
A3 DTF Printer is our new and innovative product for the T-shirt printing business, which is direct to film printing machines that come from A3 DTG printer. The best option for the small business of T-shirt printing. It will print the image on the pet film and transfer it by the heat pressing machine to a T-shirt, the job was done in an easy way.

Low Cost A3 DTF Printer For Sale
A3 DTF Printer Direct to Film Printer with Epson L1800. A3 DTF printer, the price is less than one-tenth of the big machine, single pet film can be printed immediately, perfect for dark fabrics, very suitable for proofing, studio, small-batch production. Except to print clothes, the A3 dtf printer can also print umbrellas, leather, shoes …

DTF Printers (Direct to Film Printers)
DTF Printer King DTF A3+ with Roll Feeder + White Ink Circulation + CADlink DF 10 Software – Direct To Film Printer. $3,700.

DTF Printer A1 size 60Cm direct to film t shirt printer
New Design DTF A1 60CM T-shirt Printer Transfer Film direct to film Digital Inkjet Printer. Print Heads Model: Original EP Dual I3200 Print Head. Max Printing Size: Max 62CM width printing. Printing Speed: 100-200 pcs T-shirts per hour. Ink Type: DTF Garment Ink, Pigment Ink.

DTF Printer
Excellent Team. is the Largest and Most Reliable DTF Printers Manufacturer (Direct To Film Supplier) Based in China! We Offer DTF Printers & PhotoPrint RIP Software, DTF Inks/Cartridges, Transfer Films, Adhesive Medium – Stretchy, Cleaners and Heat Presses! We’ve been in the printing industry since 2004.

Direct to Film DTF Printing Comprehensive Solutions
DTF textile printing ink is highly compatible with print Epson head. You can directly print your designs on different textiles and fabrics using Direct to Film Ink technology. offers different colors of DTF inks such as white, yellow, black, magenta, cyan, orange, green, and also fluorescence pink & fluorescence yellow.

DTF Direct to Film Printers
DTF Direct to Film Printers. DTF or Direct-to-Film printing is a way to make very high-quality, full-color digital transfers for application to fabrics of all kinds. VERY high speed production – between 100 large shirt front transfers per hour (55 linear feet/hour) and 300 or more large shirt front transfers per hour (up to 150 linear feet/hour)

What can you print on DTF film?
DTF film can be transferred on a wide range of fabrics. Capable of printing to shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pullovers, canvas, denim, and more! Our DTF films have excellent ink absorption for high-precision printing. Use our film you will achieve high-quality, breathable, and smooth prints.

DTF Printer
70cm DTF Printer. Fedar FD70 DTF Dirct to Film Printer uses double Epson Original I3200-A1 print heads. Max Printing Width: 700mm. Max Resolution: 3200DPI. Max Production Capacity: 200pcs/h (T-shirt)

10 Best Dtf Printer In 2022

  1. A3 DTF Printer,L1800 T-Shirt Transfer Printer with White Ink Circulatory for DIY Direct Print T-Shirts, Hoodie,Fabrics (DTF Printer + Oven) Features : New Technology DTF PET Film Transfer Printer:You do not need to pre-process the clothing.

A3 DTF Printer Double XP600 / I3200 Heads
A3 DTF Printer Double XP600 / I3200 Heads. there are two sizes to be put out.A3 print width and 60cm print width, and you can choose to print for both piece and roll. And you can choose CMYK 4 colors or 6color for delicate colorful printing. The Automatic Powder Shaker is used for drying the film and removing the excess powder.

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