Cheap DTF Printer In Nepal

DTF PET Film Printer with Shaking Powder
new product, PET Film heat transfer printer machine with powder shaking machine, can be used in any kind of fabric, both polyester and cotton. fast speed, low cost, more wide application.

DTF Nepal (White INK) Digital T-shirt Print
We can supply DTF Machine and CMYK and White ink all over Nepal.

DTF Printer
We provide complete solution for DTF printing. We provide : – A3 printer, – Pet film – Powder – DTF printed sheet.

Digital tshirt garment Printing Machine dtg in nepal
digital tshirt dtg 6 color machine with white ink base. High resolution dtg printer in nepal for all kinds of garments. all spare and training available.

DTF Printing: a game-changer for your business
The similarity here lies in the production process, as you must print the design before transferring it to the T-shirt. The result is also very similar in feel. Let’s analyse the differences between T-shirt personalisation using DTF printing and low-cost white toner.
Printing process: DTF is much simpler than white toner, as the white layer is printed at the same time as the colour layer (compared to low-cost white toner …

Factory Cheap Price Dtf Pet Film Printer Heat Transfer T …
Factory cheap price DTF PET film printer heat transfer t shirt printing machine ; Print speed. Draft mode : 40 m²/h ; Ink Type. Dye Sublimation / Pigment ink ; Ink …

DTF printers, which are direct to film printers, utilize DTF ink to print on PET film first. The printed pattern will be transferred to the garment with some necessary steps like being processed by hot-melt powder and heat pressing. The special and innovative printing idea makes DTF printers special and charming so that more and more sublimation and DTG printers users are embracing this new printing technology. DTF printers have overcome the limitation of sublimation printers and DTG printers.

DTF printer in A3 format for t-shirt printing
DTF (direct to film) printing is the new system for printing on fabric intended to supplant transfer printing systems (via laser printer) and DTG (direct to fabric printing), especially for small companies. It uses a modified printer with specific inks, and special transfer sheets for the application of prints on fabric.
Equipped with five colors (CMY plus black and white), it allows the printing of any type of graphics, both on light and colored and dark t-shirts.

A sample of printed t-shirt is available, to evaluate the exceptional quality and resistance to washing of this print, there is also a sample of printed sheet that you can directly transfer onto a t-shirt using a heat press.

DTF Technology
Compared to traditional printing methods such as Screen printing and DTG, DTF printers are more affordable and are becoming one of the most popular textile printing technologies. offers its customers, as always, the best products, making its customers feel satisfied with what they have bought. In this regard, is expanding its offer with unique DTF packages!

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